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Apartments On the Boardwalk and Seaport
For Premium Apartments:  Please call us at 732-793-1735
For Value Apartments:  Please call us at 732-793-1744

As a backup, call our Apartment Director, Hena, directly at 201-618-8486

Email Inquiries:
What to do while you stay?
Feeling a bit nostalgic? 
Hit up the boardwalk vendor games and try to win a giant Teddy Bear for your honey.

Feeling a bit lazy? 
Enjoy the soft sand and cool waves, just relax on the beach. Or hang out on our hotel sun-deck and get your tan on! 

Feeling a bit adventurous?
Rent some Jet-ski’s and fly over the water at 50 mph!

Feeling a bit warm?
Cool off at the water-park down the street or get a cool drink at the Bars on the boardwalk!

Feeling a bit like dancing?
Bamboo, Karma, and Hemingways are only a few minutes away!
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Apartments on the Boardwalk

Also Known As: Boardwalk Seaport Inn
Height: 3 Stories tall 
The Address: 1119 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ
The Attraction: A great place to stay for 4 or more!
Special Features: A private, hotel sun-deck overlooking the beach, and located ON the boardwalk!
Favorite Quote: Customers are not just clients, they are family.

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